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Worm Whisperer Kit (4 products) (Ariya)


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Designed by Naturopaths and Biochemists, this kit includes nutrients you need in order to help break the cycle and to help prevent infection, reinfection and transmission. 

To assist you in getting rid of those pesky threadworms once and for all!

BASIC Kit includes:

– Chondroitin sulphate 100g – Reduce worm susceptibility

– Saline nasal spray – Wash out those eggs/larva inhaled or deposited from grubby hands in their nose

– Bum Barrier – Prevent threadworm from being able to emerge to lay their eggs at night time and reduce irritation

– Neem Nail Biters – Stop nail biting and break the lifecycle

– Could it be Worms? – Video download

Only 2 left in stock