Our Practitioners

The Remedy Room

At The Remedy Room we believe that where a patient receives their herbal and nutritional medicine is so much more than a retail store, it’s a safe place to come for support, advice and care.

Chloe Robertson

Clinical Nutritionist

Chloe’s love for the alchemical world of medicinal herbs and their ability to have a gentle yet profound effect on the human body led her to making her passion her profession and she graduated as a Nutritionist in 2018.

Chloe has a keen interest in gut health, detoxification, the nervous system and biohacking. She is fascinated by the ability to maximise physical and cellular capacity through science and nature.

As a passionate health advocate, Chloe adores the integrative model of care provided by The Remedy Room and The Health Lodge. She loves collaborating with the team of practitioner, who together work so hard towards creating positive change and positive health outcomes for our patients. 

Jessie Johns

Clinical Nutritionist

Jessie’s interest in nutrition began in school and she became fascinated by how food and nutrients could affect everyone so differently. 

Like many health practitioners, Jesse’s own health journey is what initially sparked her passion. Through her own experience of uncovering the nutritional aspects that best supported her, Jessie was inspired and excited by the idea of using food as a form of medicine. Jessie understood that Clinical Nutrition was her path to help others, as it involves holistic case taking, biochemical and functional assessment and individualise treatment planning.

Jessie loves helping patients in all aspects of health and some of her favourite areas to work in are gut health, skin conditions, food intolerances, neurodivergence, burnout, mental health support, and female reproductive health.

Jessie is passionate about The Remedy Room and the opportunity to be an important stepping stone in each individuals health journey. Jessie loves creating a safe space for patients and witnessing them on their journey, noticing them feel and look better with each visit.  

Rachel d'Indy


Rachel first became interested in plant-based medicine during her study for a degree in ancient history. She is fascinated by how the plants used by ancient cultures have evolved into the herbal medicines that we use today, and discovering how the relationship between humans and plants has evolved over time. 

Rachel loves working with plants, growing them and creating individualised herbal medicines for each patient. You can often find Rachel tending to and nurturing The Remedy Room medicinal herb garden.

Working collaboratively with the team of practitioners of The Remedy Room and The Health Lodge since early 2022 has empowered Rachel as an integrative Naturopath as she has had the opportunity to learn from and work with a diverse team of practitioners. 

Rachel enjoys her work at The Remedy Room, as it allows her the opportunity to to work both closely and acutely to support patients in their healing journeys.

Reine DuBois

Naturopath and Director

Reine is a true health pioneer and advocate, who has been working in collaboration with medical and health care practitioners since she graduated as a Naturopath in 1998. The insights she has gathered whilst observing the phenomenon of integrative medicine, led her to envision a comprehensive health care system that employed a range of modalities to work in synchronicity to enhance and improve the ability of patients to achieve wellness. The Remedy Room is a central aspect of this vision, providing nutritional and herbal medicine to support the bodies ability to heal and return to balance. 

As an integrative Naturopath, Reine possesses an exceptional capacity to see and understand the intricacies of the human system. She is well-known for uncovering complex health conditions and creating effective integrative treatment programs for her patients that utilise the collaborative framework of integrative medicine. 

Reine applies her in depth knowledge and foresight of the human system into the operations and creation of The Remedy Room and The Health Lodge. Offering patients Australia-wide the opportunity to access effective comprehensive healthcare that is truly holistic.