Holistic Living

The Remedy Room

At The Remedy Room we know that your environment and lifestyle can have an effect on your health and wellbeing. This understanding has inspired us to curate a list of our favourite holistic living products.  

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This system connects directly to your mains water line, filtering your tap water into clean and healthy drinking water.

This system can be used in situations where space is limited under your sink or in a boat, caravan or drinking fountain.

Sitting above the sink, this system screws onto any standard mixer tap making it extremely easy to install and uninstall.

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Block Blue Light to improve sleep, eliminate eye strain, & maintain optimal health. All glasses are available in Non-Prescription, Prescription and Readers. Day and Night options available.

The Multi-Mode Blue Blocking Lamp creates 3 lamps in one – Amber, Sunset and Red light mode. Offering the perfect ambiance for optimal relaxation and sleep.

The Multi-Mode blue blocking book light is designed to help with sleep by eliminating blue light exposure, along with low EMF and flicker-free technology for a more restful night.

This light panel provides bioactive full spectrum light, combined with broad range near-infrared light, delivered in the same light intensity as outdoor sunlight.

This device produces the most researched wavelengths of 660nm red light and 850nm near infrared light at high irradiance levels. 

Producing the most researched wavelengths of red light and near infrared light at therapeutic levels with targeted red and infrared light power.

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Compact yet extra-powerful, the Ausclimate 16L Dehumidifier is ideal for caravans, storage rooms, laundries, ensuites, walk-in-robes, bedrooms and other smaller rooms up to 25m².

Extra powerful, electronic and easy to use the Ausclimate Medium 25L Dehumidifier is perfect for larger bedrooms, lounge areas and other medium- large size rooms up to 38m2.

Ideal for warmer climates but also suited to cooler climates with inbuilt defrost system. Ausclimate Supreme All-Seasons 50L Dehumidifier is ideal for larger open-plan rooms, measuring up to 105m².


Sensate is a sensory device that uses vibrations and sound to lower your stress. It does this by stimulating the vagus nerve, communicating to the gut and brain axis to relax.
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