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Ultimate Colloidal Silver 200ml (Medicines from Nature)


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The Ultimate Colloidal Silver by Medicines From Nature is a high strength – ultra-fine particle size bacteriostatic water treatment with a particle count of 50 parts per million and particle size ranging from 0.0001 microns to guarantee effective action.

Made From 99.999%+ Pure Silver Silver purity is essential to a high quality colloidal suspension… 99.999%+ fine silver is the ultimate in purity and quality.

10 Stage Laboratory Water Filtration Water purity is critical in the Colloidal Silver process. Medicines From Nature’s water is the purest on the planet after being progressively purified through ten high tech steps as far down as 0.1 microns, excluding even the tiniest microscopic contaminants.

Exclusively Packed by Hand • Dairy Free • Gluten Free • Sulphate Free • Lactose Free • Starch Free • Vegetarian • Vegan Friendly

Only 2 left in stock