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The Mother’s Blend Capsules 232c (Foraged For You)


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The Mothers Blend Capsules // The original Mothers Blend that we all know and love, with some minor changes to be served in a convenient capsule for those that need nourishment extra simple, are on the go and don't have access to a cup and spoon, don't love powders, have pregnancy nausea and prefer capsules in general!

Containing some of the world's most nutrient dense foods including fermented greens, beef liver, kelp, chlorella and more in convenient capsules for ease of use, carrying and travelling. We want to support you physically with wholesome foods, especially those journeying before, during and after pregnancy. 

The small difference we needed to make, was have the beetroot juice removed that still remains in our cult favourite, OG powdered version of The Mothers Blend. This still leaves you with exceptional nourishment from all the other ingredients including liver for iron, B12, folate, zinc, choline and more, kelp for iodine, camu camu for vitamin C, fermented chlorella for many minerals and gentle removal of toxins such as heavy metals, fermented broccoli and fermented spinach for folate, fibre and many other minerals, and so much more! 


You see, if we kept the beetroot in, it meant you would need to be taking 12 capsules…

So take note, depending on your body, you may still want to alternate the use of the powder and capsules for maximum benefit, or you could incorporate beetroot or beetroot juice elsewhere in your diet for the benefit of its ability to enhance nutrient delivery, blood building properties, folate and antioxidant content, and because it has been shown to support haemoglobin levels (what you may know this as 'iron').

In stock