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Ledum 6C 120 Pilules (Owen Homeopathics)


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Ledum has a tradition of being useful for symptoms associated with bites, stings and puncture wounds where the skin is swollen, pale, cold and mottled. It may be useful after Arnica has been used for bruises.

Ledum is the primary remedy considered in first aid for puncture wounds of any kind, eg. insect or animal bites, needle stick injuries. When taken immediately after injury, Ledum is said to reduce the likelihood of tetanus (whilst following all appropriate first aid measures). General coldness of the body part or the person in question is an important keynote of Ledum. Interestingly, there is also improvement with cold applications or cold air. Ledum may also address joint pain, where there is painful swelling and possibly blotchiness or a bruised look to the affected part.


  • Puncture wounds, insect or animal bites
  • Cold, pale, swollen
  • Bruised or blotchy
  • Pain feels like tearing or stabbing
  • Chilly, but feels better for cold


Better: Cold applications; cold water or air; rest.

Worse: At night; from the heat of bed; warm air; wine; eggs; movement. Worse from injury.

Only 1 left in stock