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Ignatia 6C 120 pilules (Owen Homeopathics)


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Ignatia has traditionally been used for symptoms related to emotional upsets such as shock, grief, hysteria, emotional and mental strain, homesickness. The remedy may be helpful when there is sighing, changeable moods, disturbed sleep and eating patterns.

This remedy suits people in a sensitive or emotional state with alternating, contradictory emotions. They may be physically exhausted from long endured grief, anxiety or emotional shock. It is a remedy of great contradictions such as roaring in the ears made better for music or an empty feeling in the stomach not relieved for eating, and spasmodic laughter from grief. There is a general over-sensitivity to pain and also related to ailments that recur at precisely the same hour.


  • Pains spasmodic and cramping. May appear and disappear abruptly
  • Grief, sorrow, homesickness, disappointment
  • Headache from crying, lump in the throat
  • Sighing, trembling and yawning
  • Contradictory and paradoxical symptoms


Better: Massage; walking; eating; keeping busy, hard pressure

Worse: Cigarette smoke; coffee; sweets, cold; worry; guilt, consolation

Out of stock