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Hepar Sulph 6C 120 Pilules (Owen Homeopathics)


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Hepar sulph has traditionally been used for symptoms associated with cold sores, herpes and eczema with suppuration. It may also be useful for the symptoms of croup or a barking rattly cough with yellowy mucous. This remedy may have an action on the nerves, connective tissues, respiratory membranes and the glands of the body. It may be useful for conditions associated with the skin and mucous membranes. There is an oversensitivity to pain, touch and cold. The slightest draft can bring on a cold or croup symptoms. They like to be well wrapped up and are very chilly.


  • Splinter or needle-like pains; hypersensitive to pain
  • Irritable and angry when ill or in pain
  • Suppurations with yellow-green discharges
  • Cold sores, herpes and acne
  • Sore throat with splinter like sensation
  • Ear pain with throbbing
  • Hoarseness and noisy, rattly cough
  • Croup, after Aconite and Spongia


Better: Warmth; damp weather; wrapping up especially the head

Worse: Cold; cold winds and drafts; touch; right side

Only 1 left in stock